High Absorption Propionyl-L-Carnitine (PLCAR) - NO Artificial Fillers - 120 Capsules

But there’s a better way… one that leads to faster, fuller benefits and no side effects

Science has shown that propionyl L-carnitine is not only extremely beneficial for your heart and blood flow, it also increases bioavailability (the amount of the substance that reaches your bloodstream).

Taking PLCAR promotes healthy blood flow, nourishing your mind, muscles, limbs, and skin and boosting your energy, vitality, athletic output, and appearance. And it all comes without the jitters or side effects of normal energy supplements or drinks (jitters, crash, long-term health issues).

Better blood flow, energy, and focus could lead to:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved workouts
  • Better overall health
  • Improved limb circulation
  • A healthier, stronger heart

Taking a PLCAR supplement, especially one formulated for max absorption could make all the difference. If you’ve been taking carnitine supplements but still seeing no benefits, it’s most likely because your body can’t absorb pure carnitine the way it can as propionyl L-carnitine.

That’s what motivated us to find the optimal formula for MAX ABSORPTION.

Diligent research and scientific experiment has lead to the creation of….